Two Months to Go Until New Tobacco Laws Take Effect

There are now just two months to go until the Standardised Packaging of Tobacco Regulations and Tobacco Products Directive come into force. The one year sell-through period for retailers to sell branded packs is coming to an end, and from 20th May 2017 retailers must ensure that all their stock is compliant with the new regulations.

From May 20th, retailers will only be able to sell tobacco in standardised packaging, in a minimum pack size of 20 for cigarettes, 30g packs for roll your own tobacco, and e-cigarettes with health warnings.

ACS has produced comprehensive guidance for retailers on the upcoming changes to tobacco retailing coming into force as part of the revised EU Tobacco Products Directive and Standardised Packaging legislation.

The guidance sets out the action that retailers need to take at every stage of the introduction of the regulations and includes details of changes to the law on the sale of tobacco packs, roll-your-own tobacco, e-cigarettes and flavoured tobacco.

The guide has recently been added to the successful Assured Advice scheme, which ensures that your store procedures must be respected by all local enforcement officers including environmental health, police and trading standards.

The full guidance can be downloaded on the ACS website here:

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