Simply Fresh Retailer Talks Local Engagement with Karen Lumley MP

Simply Fresh retailer, Simon Biddle, met with his local MP, Karen Lumley, in his store to discuss key issues affecting his business, including parking and retail crime.

Simon Biddle’s store has been serving the community for thirty years, providing a wide range of fruit and vegetables, local produce, and freshly prepared food, including sandwiches, pizzas and ready meals, which are made on site.

During the visit, Simon talked to Karen Lumley MP about the recent armed robbery which took place at his store. Simon highlighted the good response from the police who managed to catch the offenders when they were committing an armed robbery at another store in the area. ACS’ Crime Report 2016 found that in the last year, there were an estimated 1,836 incidents in the convenience sector where a weapon was used.

Simon also raised concerns about the parking provisions outside his store. The lay-by where customers can park is often filled with cars which are parked far longer than the allowed time limit, preventing customers from parking directly outside the store. Ms Karen Lumley MP committed to looking how to address this issue with the Council.

Simon Biddle said: “It was great to have Karen visit the store and see the work we are doing to serve the local community. I have a good relationship with her already, which gives me the opportunity to raise issues affecting my business easily. I urge other retailers to build relationships with their local MPs - they can support you and help address issues that may face your business.”

Karen Lumley MP said: “It was a pleasure to visit Simply Fresh and talk to Simon during my summer Business Week, during which I visited many and varying local businesses.

“Stores such as the one Simon runs perform a vital role within the local community – providing employment and a useful local facility for residents.

“I was shocked to hear details of the robbery that took place at the store, but delighted the local police provided such an immediate response. I will, as promised, also get in touch with the local council to seek advice about parking outside the store.”

For more information about arranging a store visit, get in touch with Steve Dowling, ACS Public Affairs Assistant at

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