New Guidance for Retailers on Psychoactive Substances Regulations

ACS has published new guidance ahead of the Psychoactive Substances Act coming into force on May 26th.

The primary purpose of the new legislation is to stop the sale of items that are commonly known as ‘legal highs’. However, the Act will also have implications for responsible retailers, which in many cases will sell potentially psychoactive substances such as butane and solvents entirely legitimately.

There are no legal age restrictions on the sale of psychoactive substances but under the new rules, retailers are expected to take reasonable steps to ensure that they are aware of the potential misuse of a psychoactive substance. These steps include:

  • Be aware of any substances you sell in store that could be psychoactive
  • Make sure your staff are trained to be able to identify and assess the risk of the psychoactive substances you sell
  • Consider placing warning signs in store to highlight policies to customers and staff
  • Consider policy to restrict the quantity of psychoactive substances being sold i.e. using Electronic Point of Sale

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “Convenience stores are on the front line preventing the misuse of psychoactive substances and other ‘legal highs’ to consumers. We have worked closely with the Home Office on the development of our guidance which provides clarity for retailers on the steps that they need to take to stay within the law under the new regulations, and what to look out for when serving customers that might be looking to misuse potentially psychoactive products.”

The guidance can be downloaded on the ACS website here:

The Home Office have also produced detailed guidance on the regulations, which is available here:

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