Local Shops Welcome Home Office Crime Strategy's Focus On Partnerships

The Home Office published their Modern Crime Prevention Strategy today (23 Wednesday) and commits to working with retailers to tackle retail crime, such as shop and fuel theft, and work in partnership with the industry to tackle alcohol related crime.

ACS Chief Executive, James Lowman said "Crime costs the convenience sector £122m a year, and along with all the costs of equipment to prevent and detect crime, the total cost to our sector equates to a 3p tax on each and every transaction in local shops.  Last year, there were 10,000 incidents in which staff were injured during a violent attack in stores.  Retail crime must never be seen as "victimless" or in some way secondary—it is a serious crime with real victims and consequences.

"The Modern Crime Prevention Strategy offers a chance to address the human and business cost of retail crime.  We need better working relationships between retailers and the police, based on good reporting and a swift police response to reports of retail crime.  We also need the courts to take retail crime seriously, rather than relying on fixed penalty notices, half of which are never even paid, in order to deal with offenders who should be taken into the justice system—not just for punishment but also for rehabilitation, as most are facing drug and alcohol dependency problems.

"As members of the National Retail Crime Steering Group, we are working closely with government and the police to improve the response to retail crime."

"We welcome the government's focus on partnership working to tackle problem drinking and alcohol-related disorder.  Schemes like Community Alcohol Partnerships have made a huge difference by bringing together retailers, the police, council and other stakeholders to tackle underage drinking and other issues.  We are committed to continued partnership working to make a lasting difference in communities up and down the country."

ACS has been working with the Home Office during 2016 to support the development of the Modern Crime Prevention Strategy. The Modern Crime Prevention Strategy document is available here.

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