HMRC Reveal £3.6bn Excise Duty Lost to Illicit Alcohol and Tobacco in 2015

In response to the publication of the latest HMRC Tax Gaps report, ACS has reiterated its call for tougher sanctions for retailers selling illicit alcohol and tobacco products, including the revocation of their alcohol licence.

The report reveals that the alcohol tax gap has risen from £1.3 billion in 2013-14 to £1.8 billion in 2014-15.

ACS Chief Executive, James Lowman, said: “The latest Tax Gaps report reaffirms the importance of tackling the illicit alcohol and tobacco trade. Retailers selling illicit goods have a direct impact on retailers selling legitimate products, who may as a result, be losing out on revenue and custom. We continue to call on the government to impose stricter sanctions on retailers who are found to be selling illicit tobacco and alcohol, such as removing their viability to trade by revoking their alcohol licence.”

The report also includes the latest tobacco tax gap for 2014-15, which is estimated at £1.8bn, a decrease of £0.7bn from 2013-14.

The full report can be found on the HMRC website here.

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