Guidance for Retailers on Reducing Crime in Store

ACS has produced comprehensive guidance for retailers on how to spot and reduce levels of crime in their stores as part of the 2016 Crime Report.

Every local shop is different and requires an individual assessment for what action a retailer may need to take. The new guidance includes information on crime prevention equipment including CCTV, external security measures, and locating high value product in sight of the till.

The Crime Guidance is broken into four main sections:

  • Working in Partnership: This section highlights the importance of having great links with local police and other agencies. Partnership work is the most effective way to prevent retail crime and responding to it quickly.
  • Violence and Verbal Abuse: This section focuses on the triggers for abuse that could result in violence and verbal abuse towards retailers and staff.
  • Robbery: Self scan tills in store are an emerging trend that support quick service for ‘time-poor’ customers, but they can also present opportunities to shop thieves. This guidance sets out some ideas for best practice for retailers and products that cause customer difficulty.
  • Staff Theft: This advises retailers on preventing incidents of staff theft, how to identify staff theft and how to deal with offenders.

To download a copy of the 2016 Crime Report, with the Crime Guidance, click here.

For more information on our current policy work on crime, contact Julie Byers by phone on 01252 533008 or email

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