Complete the ACS Colleague Survey for the Chance to Win an iPad Mini

ACS has launched a new survey of the people working in the convenience sector, looking into more depth at their career paths, the pressures they face, their other jobs and commitments, and the benefits of working in the convenience sector.

The colleague survey marks the first time that ACS has heard directly from staff as part of its research programme. The aim of the survey is to show the versatility, importance and development opportunities that employment in the convenience sector offers.

The 2015 Local Shop Report revealed that there are over 407,000 people working in the convenience sector, working a variety of hours with a range of commitments in other areas such as caring for other family members.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “Staff costs are one of the biggest outgoings for many local shops, and with auto enrolment, the living wage and other employment legislation on the horizon the pressure on retailers is only likely to increase. However, we know that the most important thing that brings customers back to convenience stores is great service, so it’s essential that stores provide the right environment for their employees to develop and succeed.

“We’re urging retailers to let their staff know about this survey, which will help to shape our policy positions on employment and feed into discussions with Government departments.”

Everyone who completes the survey will be entered into a draw to win one of five iPad Minis. The full colleague survey can be found here:


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