Supplier News: JUUL Labs to launch new Menthol flavour in UK

Content supplied by JUUL Labs: 

JUUL Labs has launched a new Menthol flavour JUULpod, to offer adult smokers in the UK a wider range of alternatives to combustible cigarettes.

Smoking related diseases are responsible for almost 96,000 deaths in the UK annually1 and it is critically important for retailers to provide adult smokers with access to potentially less harmful nicotine products.

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Supplier News: Cennox- Discount on All Products and Services

Content supplied by Cennox:

Cennox is committed to helping customers keep safe & continue to carry on as best they can during these unprecedented times. Therefore, we offer ACS members a reduced rate of 10% off any orders of the following products or services by quoting ACS10 when ordering online.

Disinfecting Service

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Supplier News: New IQOS Menthol Kits RRP Announcement

Philip Morris Limited (PML) today announced the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) on its new IQOS Menthol Kits. The heated tobacco Kits offer customers a real tobacco product unaffected by the menthol cigarette ban.

One IQOS 2.4+ device and two packs of menthol tobacco sticks known as ‘HEETS’ will be included. The RRP for the Kit is £39 when customers register their device. On top, there is an attractive introductory offer for the retailer.

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Supplier News: G4S

Content supplied by G4S: 

As an ACS member, G4S Cash Solutions are pleased to offer preferential pricing and assistance to the businesses who are remaining open to serve the public. We appreciate you may be dealing with less staff, and potentially more cash at this time, and your regular cash processes could be impacted due to branch / post office opening times or restrictions.

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Supplier News: Reckoon

Content supplied by Reckoon: 

Reckoon is providing the feature, so people get the stock information of essential items around them. Every time you visit a super market or a corner shop to buy essential items, use the reckoon app to update the stock of milk, bread, and other essential items.

This will provide a way to the people/you searching for essential items to find out which shops has it available, rather than visiting multiple shops to find the items. Convenience stores can download the app and update their own inventory for essential items.

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Supplier News: Electromech: A quick and easy way to improve your business green credentials

Content supplied by Electromech:

The hot topics these days are all about sustainability and saving the planet.  We all want to do something about it and every little helps. Unfortunately sometimes it’s easier and more convenient to replace rather than repair. 

At Electromech ECS, part of Micro Electronic Services, we want to help you improve your green credentials by offering you a service that could save you money.

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