Supplier News: Coca-Cola European Partners: Capri-Sun Range Moves to Nothing Artificial

Content supplied by Coca-Cola European Partners: 

Coca-Cola European Partners has announced that its entire Capri-Sun portfolio is now free from artificial ingredients, following the reformulation of its Capri-Sun No Added Sugar range.

Capri-Sun No Added Sugar will now include Stevia, a plant-based sweetener in combination with natural fruit sugars. The new recipe maintains the same great taste that consumers love, with no artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives and is soft drinks tax exempt.

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Supplier News: Edenred Joins ACS

Content supplied by Edenred:

Edenred helps organisations engage and motivate their employees and drive business performance through intelligent incentives to activate sales channels and drive customer acquisition. We do this through a range of engagement and incentive platforms and prepaid cards

We work with 25,000 companies, big and small across the public and private sectors, with over 3 million users of our technology platforms and prepaid cards.

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Supplier News: Cennox UVC Keypad Cleaner

Content supplied by Cennox: 

Designed to neutralise the COVID-19 virus by using UVC light after every transaction

Our dynamic patented solution is designed to neutralise the virus present on POS keypads using UVC lighting beneath a flip lid. This ingenious solution attacks surface-clinging viruses from POS terminals after each transaction.

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Supplier News: Shield Safety Group- Leading Food Safety, Fire Safety and Health & Safety Consultancy

Content suppled bu Shield Safety Group: 

Shield Safety Group is a leading Food Safety, Fire Safety and Health & Safety consultancy. Our services are delivered by the UK’s largest team of degree qualified Environmental Health Practitioners, supported by award-winning software and app specifically designed for food and food retail businesses. We are trusted by some of the world’s leading brands including Tesco, Stars Pubs & Bars and Interstate Hotel Management to meet their compliance requirements.

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Supplier News: LRS- Embrace a ray of sunshine for your chiller with a new flavour from Ribena

Ribena is bringing a ray of sunshine to chillers with the launch of a brand new drink – Ribena Raspberry Rays. The thirst-quenching new flavour, rich in Vitamin C, is ideal for shoppers looking for a burst of summer sunshine from their soft drink.

The new launch is sure to be a hit. In consumer testing, 70% of shoppers said that they would purchase a raspberry flavoured Ribena, and in taste tests, Raspberry Rays scored as Ribena’s best tasting liquid ever.

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Supplier News: New Range of Coca-Cola Price Marked Packs

Content supplied by CCEP:

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) has reduced the recommended price points for its range of price-marked packs (PMPs) across its colas portfolio.

1.75l bottles of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar – including the popular cherry and vanilla-flavoured variants – and Diet Coke are now available in a £1.75 PMP, and 1.5l bottles of Coca-Cola Original Taste and Coca-Cola Cherry are now available in a £1.95 PMP, enabling retailers to take advantage of the growing trend towards consumption within the home.

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Supplier News: New Lucozade Citrus Chill

Content supplied by LRS: 

Lucozade Energy adds to popular flavours range with launch of new Citrus Chill 

Lucozade Energy, the UK’s largest energy drink brand , is introducing a cool new addition to its £66.8M  flavours range this month ahead of the summer season.  

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Supplier News: LocoSoco Group- Shares for Space

Content supplied by LocoSoco Group: 

LocoSoco Group Plc is a publicly traded social enterprise set up to transition household and business spend to sustainable alternatives whilst supporting pillars of the community. Retailers.


Sustainability is the biggest industry that will ever be known, so it's essential to implement at scale and speed.

Independent Retailers are at the heart of this movement and you deserve your FairShare!

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