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What you Need to Know ahead of the General Election

Ahead of the General Election on 4th July, ACS has put together a brief guide on the main parties and how they line up on the policies that affect local shops.

The Manifestos at a Glance guide covers the main areas of policy that have been outlined by each of the largest parties, including commitments on crime, business rates, public health and the environment. 

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Less than a Week to go Until the General Election

The general election takes place in less than a week on the 4th July, and ACS (The Association of Convenience Stores) has put together a summary of political party manifestos, highlighting the key policies that will affect the convenience sector should that party win the election.

Below is a brief summary of the policies affecting the sector that each political party will push if they are to win the election. You can also view some of the policies here.

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Two Weeks until the UK General Election

ACS (The Association of Convenience Stores) are calling on all retailers to seize the opportunity to meet with local parliamentary candidates standing in their constituency by inviting them to visit local shops before the general election takes place in two weeks (4th July). This is a great opportunity to build key relationships with your future MP who will be working to ensure your needs are met and share key information with them that highlights the important contributions of the convenience sector.

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ACS Calls on Next Government to Prioritise Enforcement Against Illicit Traders

ACS has responded to the publication of new data from HM Revenue and Customs on the prevalence of non-duty paid and illicit products in the UK, urging the main parties vying to become the next Government to prioritise enforcement against rogue sellers and supply chains.

According to the latest estimates from HM Revenue and Customs, the tobacco tax gap driven by illicit cigarettes and tobacco products stands at £2.2bn, with the alcohol tax gap from illicit and non duty-paid products standing at £0.6bn.

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Reform Publish ‘Contract with You’ Ahead of 2024 Election

The Reform Party have published their contract with voters ahead of the 2024 General Election, pledging to raise the income tax threshold to £20,000 per annum if they were to form the next Government.

The contract sets out a series of changes that the party would make in the first 100 days of Government, claiming to ‘stand up for British culture, identity and values’ and ‘take back control over our borders, our money and our laws’.

Measures announced in the Reform ‘Contract with You’ include:

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Labour Pledge to Replace Business Rates in 2024 Election Manifesto

The Labour Party have launched their manifesto for change ahead of the 2024 General Election, focusing on introducing longer term policy measures and stabilising the economy.

Launched by Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer today (June 13th), the manifesto commits to a range of measures that could affect the convenience sector, including a replacement of the business rates system in England, changes to the remit of the Low Pay Commission and the National Living Wage, and the introduction of a separate offence for assaulting a shopworker.

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Chief Executive's Blog: Who's Enforcing an Energy Drinks Ban?

This week we’ve heard about Labour’s plans to ban energy drinks for under-16s. This got me feeling all nostalgic because we discussed this a lot around the time Theresa May’s government announced this policy a few years back... but then never implemented it. Governments in Scotland and Wales have similarly announced an intention to ban sales of energy drinks but also not implemented it. Maybe a Labour government would actually do this, and if so what would that mean for local shops?

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