Supplier News: Reckoon

Content supplied by Reckoon: 

Reckoon is providing the feature, so people get the stock information of essential items around them. Every time you visit a super market or a corner shop to buy essential items, use the reckoon app to update the stock of milk, bread, and other essential items.

This will provide a way to the people/you searching for essential items to find out which shops has it available, rather than visiting multiple shops to find the items. Convenience stores can download the app and update their own inventory for essential items.

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Supplier News: Electromech: A quick and easy way to improve your business green credentials

Content supplied by Electromech:

The hot topics these days are all about sustainability and saving the planet.  We all want to do something about it and every little helps. Unfortunately sometimes it’s easier and more convenient to replace rather than repair. 

At Electromech ECS, part of Micro Electronic Services, we want to help you improve your green credentials by offering you a service that could save you money.

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ACS: Contactless Payment Limit Rises to £45 from Today

From today (1st April) the contactless card payment limit in shops is increasing to £45 as part of measures to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Shoppers will now be able to make contactless card payments of up to £45 per transaction, an increase of £15 from the previous £30 limit which was implemented in 2015.

An increased limit was already being considered but the process has been accelerated as part of the industry’s response to Covid-19.

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