Retail Sector Council Launched

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has launched a new Retail Sector Council to address challenges faced by the retail industry. The group, made up of senior leaders from the industry, will be co-chaired by retail minister Andrew Griffiths MP and Richard Pennycook, chair of Fenwick and the British Retail Consortium, and former CEO at the Co-op.

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Chief Executive's Blog: Energy Drinks

There's been a lot of debate recently about the sale of energy drinks to children.  It's interesting to see the dynamics of this issue: Jamie Oliver, buoyed by his success in persuading the government to introduce a levy on sugary drinks, has now turned his sights directly to the retailers who sell high caffeine drinks.  How do you, as a retailer, and we, as a trade body, respond to such a campaign?

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Retailers Welcome ‘Long Overdue’ 12 Month Backbilling Limit

ACS has welcomed energy regulator Ofgem’s announcement of a mandatory 12-month limit on backbilling for microbusinesses.

Ofgem’s announcement states: ‘Many suppliers have signed up to, or follow, a voluntary agreement not to backbill customers past 12 months. However, the voluntary agreement does not cover all suppliers, and those that have signed up do not always follow this agreement. Ofgem, which consulted on this issue last year, has decided to ban all domestic and microbusiness suppliers from issuing backbills for energy used more than 12 months ago.’ 

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Old £10 Note to Be Withdrawn from Circulation on March 1st

March 1st (Thursday) is the last day until the old £10 note is removed from circulation. The notes will cease to be legal tender after this date. 

The new polymer £10 note was issued on 14 September 2017, features Jane Austen and is 132mm x 69mm. The current paper £10 note features Charles Darwin and is 142mm x 75mm.

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