Advice for Retailers on Autumn Seasonal Products

Halloween and Bonfire Night often provide great opportunities for convenience store retailers to maximise their sales through seasonal products. However, there are a few things retailers should bear in mind during the autumn season. As a helping hand, ACS has produced Assured Advice Guides on ‘Preventing Underage Sales’ and ‘Selling Fireworks’. These guides provide extensive information about the laws and guidelines regarding the sale of some of the products which will be in high demand this week.

Some of the essential tips have been picked out below, but the full guides and information about ACS Assured Advice – and how you can sign up – can be found here:

Although there is no legal prohibition on sales of eggs, flour or toilet paper to an underage person, there are times in the year such as around Halloween (31st October) when local police or other community representatives may ask you to limit their sale to under 18s to prevent anti-social behaviour. ACS recommends retailers listen to such requests constructively and accommodate them where possible.

Many convenience stores now sell fireworks in the run up to Bonfire night on the 5th November. Selling fireworks is a highly regulated area, so you will need to know exactly how to store, display and sell them correctly to remain on the right side of the law. To store fireworks, you should keep them in their transport boxes sealed with tape and in a dedicated store room or in a fire resistant store cupboard, container or cabinet. They should be stored in a dry area, away from light fittings, electric supplies and flammable items.

All fireworks carry an age restriction, the vast majority of adult fireworks and sparklers cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18. Caps, cracker snaps, novelty matches, party poppers, serpents and throwdowns carry an age restriction of 16. Again, ACS recommends that you adopt the ‘Challenge 25’ policy when selling fireworks.

Lastly, you should only stock fireworks that comply with European safety standards and carry the CE mark. In addition, only fireworks which are correctly labelled with the details of the manufacturer and importer can be sold to consumers. A comprehensive guide containing all you need to know about ‘Selling Fireworks’ can be found here:

Assured Advice has been developed for convenience store owners by ACS and Surrey County Council. By signing up to our Assured Advice scheme and following the guidance, your store procedures must be respected by ALL local enforcement officers including environmental health, police and trading standards – but you must sign up to the scheme to benefit from this privilege.

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