ACS Reaction: Welsh Public Health Bill Dropped by Assembly

The Welsh Assembly has voted down the Public Health Bill (Wales) which included proposals to introduce a tobacco register for retailers.

ACS Chief Executive, James Lowman, said: "We are pleased the Welsh Assembly have dropped plans to introduce a retailer funded tobacco register that would have done little to tackle the illicit tobacco market and loaded further burdens on responsible retailers." "We will continue to engage with the Welsh Government about tackling the illicit tobacco market after the Welsh Assembly Elections in May."

ACS' submission to the Welsh Assembly Health and Social Care Committee on the tobacco register is available here.  ACS praised action by the chancellor in the Budget to introduce tougher sanctions for selling illicit tobacco and allocate £31 million of additional funding to tackling the illicit tobacco market, which costs the Exchequer an estimated £2.1 billion a year in lost revenue.

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