ACS Encourages Retailers to Join CAPs

The successful Community Alcohol Partnerships scheme is to be launched in around 30 new areas in the next 12 months, taking the total number of CAPs in the UK to over 130 by the end of this year.

Retailer engagement in CAPs involves meeting with local police, schools, other retailers as well as wider stakeholders, and working together to promote responsible retailing, tackle proxy purchasing, start diversionary activities for young people and use confiscation powers and other means to tackle underage drinking.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “Community Alcohol Partnerships are an effective way for retailers to engage locally to tackle the issues of proxy purchasing, underage drinking and other alcohol abuse. CAPs makes a material difference to local shops and the places they trade.  By bringing the police and council together with retailers, CAPs make a lasting change, cutting youth drinking and reducing anti-social behaviour that can blight many towns and neighbourhoods. We encourage retailers to get involved in a scheme in their area.”

CAP National Director Kate Winstanley said: “Convenience stores are an important part of CAPs because they are right in the communities that can be affected by underage drinking and anti-social behaviour, often bearing the brunt of these problems.  CAPs benefit local shops, young people and the whole community, and we are delighted to be bringing these benefits to 30 more places over the coming year.”

The full list of existing and upcoming partnerships is available at

Retailers looking to get involved in a CAP should contact Julie Byers at


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