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Local Decision Makers – Police

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How To Get Involved

You can find out who the members of your local neighbourhood policing team are by visiting There are opportunities to meet with local policing teams at beat meetings. contains information on local policing priorities, action taken to address them and the latest data on local crime.

Police and Crime Commissioner have to develop police and crime plans that set out their priorities for the area. Police and crime plans are reviewed annually and you can suggest new priorities. You can find your police and crime commission and there police and crime plans via the Association of Police and Crime Commissioner website. Writing to your Police and Crime Commissioner about the challenges faced by your business will support them with the development of local police and crime plans.

Case Study: Jonathan James – In-Store Police Surgery, Ely (Cambridgeshire)

94046_Jonathan-James-outside-store Jonathan provided Cambridgeshire Police with back office space at one his stores free of charge. The arrangement allowed shoppers to discuss concerns with local officers and gives police a greater presence in the town. He found that the police presence led to a decrease of shop theft incidents.

Jonathan said: “Officers walk round the store and are a great visible deterrent. Then they make sure that they’re available for customers to speak to at the front of the store.”



Case Study: Adrian Costain, Bootle (Liverpool)

Adrian Costain wrote to his Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable about the problem of alcohol duty fraud in the region. He arrange a meeting with his Police and Crime Commissioner to discuss the impact on his business and the local community. The Police committed to refocus efforts on businesses dealing non-duty paid goods.