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Local Decision Makers – Mayors, Combined Authorities and Devolution Deals

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How To Get Involved

There are currently 16 directly elected Mayors across England and this is expected to increase over the next parliament. There are nine elections for newly appointed or existing Mayoral Elections coming up in 2017. You can find the latest details on the areas covered by directly elected Mayors here.

The Local Government Association hosts a map of the existing Combined  Authorities and Devolution Deals across England. There are currently 10  devolution deals that have been agreed in England for North East, Tees Valley,  Sheffield City Region, Greater Lincolnshire, East Anglia, Cornwall, West of England, West Midlands, Liverpool City Region and Greater Manchester.

Case Study: Greater Manchester Devolution Deal

The Greater Manchester Devolution deal was agreed in 2011 and is the longest standing deal. The Devolution Deal describes both the offer of powers and  budgets from central government, and the reforms and measures that Greater  Manchester will need to deliver:

The creation of a newly directly elected Mayor for Greater Manchester with the following powers:

  • Responsibility for devolved and consolidated transport budgets
  • Powers over strategic planning, including the power to create a statutory spatial framework for Greater Manchester
  • Take on the Role of Police and Crime Commissioner

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority will receive:

  • Responsibility for devolved business support budgets, including the Growth Accelerator
  • Control of the apprenticeship grants for employers in Greater Manchester
  • Jointly commission the next phase of the work programme