Devolving Sunday trading rules

Devolving Sunday trading rules

Stores with a relevant floor area of over 280 square metres / 3000 square feet (large stores) have restricted opening hours on a Sunday, whilst smaller stores can open all day.

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and Department for Communities and Local Government are seeking views on whether the government should devolve Sunday trading rules to local areas, such as cities run by elected mayors and/or local authorities. This does not include any changes to the restrictions on trading on Christmas Day or Easter Sunday.

In  response, ACS has warned that Government plans to remove Sunday trading hours are unpopular, will cost jobs and damage high streets. We add that the Government’s consultation on devolving the power to set Sunday trading rules locally, and revealed the results of a survey of local authority chief executives showing that the measure would benefit out of town stores over high streets and town centres.

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ACS' submission: