Better Regulation

Committee Inquiry: Productivity Plan

This inquiry explores whether the Productivity Plan addresses the main causes of low productivity in the UK and whether it is likely to achieve its desired results.

The Productivity Plan covers a wide range of areas, including the tax regime for businesses, skills, science and innovation, digital infrastructure, investment and trade.

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Small Business Commissioner consultation

This discussion paper sets out the government’s current understanding of the problems that small businesses face and our thinking about possible solutions. We want to know your views, further evidence about the problems and how the proposed Commissioner can help.

The Commissioner’s services will enable smaller firms to resolve disputes with other businesses quickly and easily. This will preserve important commercial relationships without the need to go to court.

Its main functions will be:

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Competition regime: government’s strategic steer to the Competition and Markets Authority consultation

When the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) was established the government issued a non-binding ministerial statement of strategic priorities (the steer) outlining the government’s aims for the CMA. The steer provides a clear statement of how the government sees competition fitting with its wider objectives for the economy. It sits alongside the CMA’s accountability framework and its legal duties.

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Business Rates Review 2015

The business community is united in its view that the business rates system is no longer fit for purpose in the 21st century.  The system needs to be fundamentally reformed to flex more closely with changes in the economy and occupation of non-domestic property.  We want to see the system reformed so it is fair for all businesses, internationally competitive and can be a tool to reward investment.  There are many elements of the current system that discourage new business investment and rating schemes that do not reflect their market or social value.  The current system is also b

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Pyrotechnic articles (Safety) Regulations 2015: implementation of EU directives

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills are seeking views on proposed changes to the pyrotechnic regulations in order to implement 2 EU directives. The Directives impose new obligations on manufacturers, importers and distributors of pyrotechnic articles. They also make detailed provision concerning the bodies which are entitled to carry out conformity assessments, and the market surveillance regime.

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Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill

The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill takes forward a range of Government commitments which are intended to ensure that the United Kingdom continues to be recognised globally as a trusted and fair place to do business and open up new opportunities for small businesses to innovate and compete.

Information about the bill can be viewed here:

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Government support for business

The Commons Select Committee are conducting an inquiry in to the government’s programmes of support for business. The inquiry will concentrate on the support strategies and programmes offered to business by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills; the take-up of those programmes by business; the funding of those programmes; and the impact of those programmes.

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