The Home Office is asking for evidence from retailers on violence and abuse toward shop staff. 

ACS will be submitting the responses to the Home Office on behalf of retailers. 

The deadline for responses is 28th June 2019. If you have any further questions, please call 01252 515001.

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Enter your store postcode here to arrange a visit with your local MP

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Use our postcode tool to send your MP an email asking for a store visit in your constituency. Engaging with an MP in your store is one of the best ways to voice your concerns about the issues that affect your business, whether they are local issues like parking or planning or national issues like business rates and rising employment costs.

Constituency Cards

If you would like a constituency card to send to your MP, please contact Chris Noice at chris.noice@acs.org.uk.

Constituency cards contain specific information about the number of convenience stores in your constituency, as well as the number of jobs that those stores provide; a breakdown of the profiles of staff, and key information about store owners in the area.