Security Showcase

21st November 2018
bet365 Stadium, Stoke
10:00am - 4:00pm
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The ACS Security Showcase is a new event for 2018 where retailers will have the opportunity to hear more about the latest crime prevention equipment and how it could reduce crime in their stores.

The showcase will begin by providing an insight into the extent and types of retail crime against the convenience sector and the challenges to tackling retail crime, which will then be followed by the presentations from suppliers of crime prevention equipment. The showcase will close with a retailer panel who will provide feedback on the crime prevention equipment showcased.

Police and Crime Commissioner for Staffordshire, Matthew Ellis has been confirmed to address the Showcase where he will be talking about how he’s tackling crime in his local area.

The Showcase will feature presentations from: APG Cash Drawer, CBE, Sensify, ARC, Smart Water, StrongPoint and StaffSafe.

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The companies selected for the 2018 Security Showcase, who will present their innovations to an audience of leading retailers on the day are:

  • APG Cash Drawer: APG developed high security cash management solutions that are easy to implement, effective and affordable. The self-skimming cash drawer range allows the secure transfer of high value notes to a security box under the counter or inside the cash drawer with every transaction.
  • CBE: The CBE Forecourt IP Camera FutaTill Integration is designed to assist with two scenarios on a forecourt. These include: dealing with drive-offs and mis-selling of fuel transactions.
  • Sensify: By using antenna, RFID tags and cloud software Sensify are able to provide real time notification of theft from the premises and provide analytics to better understand what products are stolen most often and at what times of day.
  • ARC: Co-op Secure Response is a security business from the East of England Co-op. Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is entirely self-sufficient, with its own servers and power supplies
  • SmartWater: Each water-based SmartWater® forensic liquid contains a unique signature that can be used to link both criminals and stolen property back to a crime scene. The liquid is invisible to the naked eye but glows SmartWater’s trademark yellow-green under UV light, and this is how it is detected by thousands of trained police officers.
  • StrongPoint: Select&Collect is in-store sales automation solution for Tobacco and Premium priced items such as cosmetics and shaving – products that are easy to conceal and re-sell. With Select&Collect, stores minimise losses, optimise inventory and increase shopping experience.
  • StaffSafe: StaffSafe is an established provider of a bespoke two-way security solution that talks to frontline staff 24/7 through real-time, two-way verbal and visual connectivity to control threatening and dangerous in store situations.
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