Tobacco Display Ban

Join ACS Assured Advice for FREE now Examples of possible solutions: Curtain covered display Examples of possible solutions: Sliding doors Examples of possible solutions: Non-visible storage solutions You can open the unit to retrieve a product if a customer asks for more information about a product. You can open the unit to assess stock levels or to restock the unit. You can open the unit in response to a request from an adult even if they are accompanied by a child. You can open the unit for repair or maintenance. You can open the unit for the purpose of cleaning. You cannot open the unit at the request of a person under the age of 18. You are not permitted to open the unit to retrieve or display anything other than tobacco products.
You can open the unit in response to a request from an adult even if they are accompanied by a child.

The law on the display of all products containing tobacco and the display of tobacco prices in England and Wales is changing. From 6 April 2012, new laws came into force affecting large shops (stores that are big enough to be restricted to only six hours trading on a Sunday) selling tobacco products. All other shops and businesses selling tobacco products will be affected from 6 April 2015.

Tobacco Display Ban Guide (Updated December 2016)

From these dates it will be illegal to display tobacco products in the relevant shops and businesses in England and Wales, except to people over the age of 18 years in the limited circumstances set out in the new law.

Non-compliance with the new law is a criminal offence. Any person, including shop managers and shop assistants, found guilty of these offences is liable.

This leaflet is designed to provide simple guidance in complying with the tobacco display ban. Please note, only retailers signed up to Assured Advice can benefit from the Assured status of this guidance. The Assured status of the guides applies to retailers in England and Wales.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Tobacco Display Ban Regulations can be viewed here:

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