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Halogen Light Bulbs

The Government has announced that it will end the sale of halogen light bulbs from September 2021, as part of the UK’s wider efforts to tackle climate change. The legislation (Draft Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Regulations (Lighting Products) 2021) which introduces this will also include the removal of fluorescent lights from shelves from September 2023.

From, 1st September 2021 certain types of halogen light sources will no longer be placed on the market by suppliers; and from September 2023 further lighting technologies will be phased out, including;

The following lamps cannot be placed on the market after 1st September 2021:

  • Self-ballasted Compact Fluorescent retrofit lamps (caps B22, E27 etc)
  • Linear Halogen R7s lamps over 2,700 lumens
  • 12V Halogen reflectors lamps (MR11/GU4, MR16/GU5.3 etc)
  • Lower performing LED lamps

The following lamps cannot be placed on the market after 1st September 2023:

  • Linear fluorescent lamps T8 2 foot, 4 foot, 5 foot
  • Mains voltage Halogen capsules with G9 cap
  • 12V Halogen capsules with G4/GY6.35 cap

These new restrictions only apply to products newly placed on the market after these dates, and not to existing stock.

For retailers, any in-scope goods placed on the market before 1st  September 2021 are allowed to continue to be sold to customers until all non-compliant stock is sold through.

On 1st September 2021, there are new energy labelling requirements for light sources. From this date, manufacturers and suppliers must ensure that light sources have a re-scaled energy label printed on the packaging.

Please contact with any questions.

Image source: Altoscroll