Crime Prevention

ACS has launched a new animation to help retailers and their staff manage and prevent violence and abuse in stores.

The 2018 ACS Crime Report estimates that there have been over 13,000 incidents of violence in store over the last year, with theft seen as the most common trigger of abuse in stores. There have also been an estimated 9,000 robberies in the sector in the last year.

The animation provides tips and guidance for people working in stores to ensure that they stay safe in the workplace and do everything they can to prevent violent and abusive situations from happening.  

Crime Guidance

ACS has developed a package of guidance which aims to support retailers in assessing and managing the crime threats that their businesses face. The guidance focuses on partnership working as well as how to mitigate crimes including robbery, violence and verbal abuse, staff theft and best practice around preventing theft at self scan tills. 

Every local shop is different and requires an individual assessment for what action they need to take. The guidance includes infomation on crime prevention equipment including CCTV, external security measures and locating high value products in sight of the till. 

Download the ACS Crime Guidance

GroceryAid Helpline

GroceryAid offers a free Helpline to anyone working in the grocery sector who requires emotional support and practical advice. One key area of support provided is assistance for traumatic incidents, when somebody has experienced or witnessed a distressing event such as violence and verbal abuse in-store. Retailers and store colleagues can access specialised counsellors to help process the emotional impact of such events.

The Helpline is open 24/7, 365 days a year on Freephone 08088 021 122 and can also be found online where there is the option to Live Chat with an adviser.

More information about the Helpline is available here. To find out more about services that GroceryAid provides to convenience retailers and staff that work in convenience stores, click here

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