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Business Insurance

Below is a guide to the forms of insurance that you are legally required to have in place for your business.

Employers Liability insurance

If a business has employees, in most cases employers' liability cover is required by law. It protects you against any claims for compensation following an injury sustained by any of your employees whilst at work.

Despite best efforts, we all know workplace injuries can happen – the most trivial accident suffered by a member of staff could trigger demands for compensation. Without employers’ liability insurance a claim could be expensive to your business.

If you only employ a member of your close family in your store and are not incorporated as a limited company then your business is exempt.

Motor Insurance

If you or your employees are using a vehicle for business related activities, then legally you are required to have business specific motor insurance for the vehicle. Business motor insurance must cover all individuals who drive the vehicle.

Business related activities can include such things as home deliveries for customers or stock collection from a wholesaler.