ACS has three levels of supplier membership, detailed below. For more information about supplier membership of ACS, please contact the Commercial Team on 01252 515001.


ACS Connect are companies providing a service or product into the convenience sector. These members benefit from being plugged in to the leading convenience store trade association, from detailed information and advice about the sector as well as networking opportunities.


Club is a group of trusted suppliers to the convenience store sector, who work hard to offer retailers the best deals and save them costs at a difficult economic time. These suppliers have joined to signal their support for the industry and attend a number of ACS events. The Club package brings extensive benefits which include premium networking with retailers and our Independent Board. It also allows suppliers who sign up to the Club package to gain an insight into the convenience sector at all levels.

Premier Club

ACS Premier Club brings together leading suppliers of product in the convenience store sector. These members join as a signal of their support for the industry and a number of exclusive events. Premier Club brings extensive benefits including, premium networking opportunities and insight into the convenience sector at all levels.