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Sunday Trading: MPs Vote to Retain Existing Laws

Proposals to give local councils the power to remove Sunday trading hours in their local area were rejected by 317 votes to 286 on Wednesday March 9th as MPs supported the  campaign to retain the existing laws.

The Evidence

Online Shopping, Populus (January 2016)

  • Populus surveyed 2,000 consumers about their shopping habits over the Christmas period. Of those who preferred to shop online instead of on the high street, not a single person claimed that Sunday Trading regulations had an impact on their decision making. Full results here

Sunday Trading: Applying the Family Test, Social Market Foundation, September 2015

  • The Sunday trading proposals have failed the Government’s “Family Test”. Currently only 25% of parents are content with the balance between work and home life and 77% report that work impinges on the time they could dedicate to core activities with their children, such as homework, taking them to clubs and putting them to bed.

Attitudes towards Sunday Trading, Populus, September, 2015

  • 67% of the public support existing Sunday trading rules.
  • 60% of the public think Sunday is different from the rest of the week as it enables shared time with family and friends.

Economic Impact of Deregulating Sunday Trading, Oxford Economics, September 2015

  • 8,800 jobs lost from the convenience sector and £870 million lost from sales as a result of Sunday trading devolution

The Impact of Olympic Sunday Trading Liberalisation on Convenience Store Turnover, Oxford Economics, November 2012

  • Trade is displaced from small stores to large stores. Convenience stores with one or no supermarkets in a one mile radius saw a 4% sales decline on the relevant Sundays, while those with two supermarkets within a mile saw a 4.8% decline. Stores with five or more supermarkets in a two mile radius saw a decline in Sunday sales of over 7%

your MP

Use our postcode tool to send your MP an email asking for a store visit in your constituency. Engaging with an MP in your store is one of the best ways to voice your concerns about the issues that affect your business, whether they are local issues like parking or planning or national issues like business rates and rising employment costs.

Constituency Cards

If you would like a constituency card to send to your MP, please contact Chris Noice at

Constituency cards contain specific information about the number of convenience stores in your constituency, as well as the number of jobs that those stores provide; a breakdown of the profiles of staff, and key information about store owners in the area.